Machine Service

Rebuild, Repair, or Retrofit Service

A new process can mean new machinery. Instead of replacing an older machine we can, repair the bad components of an aging machine, rebuild the machine with brand new parts, or retrofit with options the did not even have previously.

From turning a batch bowl into a machine with internal separation, to implementation into a system, we can make your existing machine work better for you.

    We offer:
  • Drive cartridge replacement
  • Bearing replacement
  • Repair of structural breaks or cracks
  • Repair of lubrication systems
  • Replacement of compound systems

Reline Service

We offer quality polyurethane relining of all mass finishing equipment including:

  • Bowl Vibrators
  • Tub Vibrators
  • Flo-Thru Machines
  • Tumbling Barrels
  • Centrifugal Discs
  • Centrifugal Barrels
Tumbling Barrels
Long Tub Vibrators
Tumbling Barrels
Long Tub Vibrators