Compound Selection for Mass Finishing

Compound Selection for Mass Finishing

Finishing Compounds

Finishing Compounds

Finishing compounds are used to enhance deburring action, clean parts & media, inhibit parts or burnish parts.  Compounds are available in both dry and liquid forms.  All mass finishing operations require clean machine linings, media and workpieces for effective and efficient results.  Compound solutions are often required to clean workpieces by removing discolorations or scale, emulsifying oils and suspend solids.  The solutions are also expected to maintain the cleanliness of the workpiece and media during the finishing cycle.  Build up of soil on the media causes glazing and reduces cutting capability.

5 Types (Functions) of Compounds

Abrasive formulated to provide rapid cutting of heavy burr, radiussing and blending of surfaces and edges.  Abrasive grains fine or coarse are added to the mass and imparts a bright matte to a dull matte finish.  Ideal for part on part deburring in a tumbling barrel or centrifugal barrel finishing machine.  Not recommended on threaded parts or blind holes.

Descaling or Bleaching formulated to remove heat scale and other discolorations as well as bleach or etch non-ferrous materials.

Cleaning formulated to remove oil, grease, soil and other contaminates, promote media cutting or finishing and produce bright parts.

Deburring formulated to clean the parts and media, suspend oils, prevent deposits & foam and enhance deburring cycles.

Burnishing formulated to provide high color or highly reflective finishes on a variety of ferrous & non-ferrous alloys, plastics and composites using porcellian, steel media or dry polishing.

Part-Surface Contaminates

Inorganic contamination of the surface such as heat-treat scales are often harder than the base material and must be removed to enhance the finishing process.  The presence of excessive amounts of organic materials such as oils, greases and other lubricants used in the manufacture, machining or forming of parts will have effect on metal removal rates until such organic soils have been removed from the surface.

Water Flow and Drainage Rate

The optimum flow on vibratory equipment is normally 1-2 gallons of water per cubic foot of machine capacity per hour of operation.  The flow rate should dribble into the machine.  If the flow is to fast the solution will not drain out of the machine fast enough and back up in the machine.  This will cause the machine to slow down considerably.  This slowdown will cause part-on-part impingement as well as pound in contaminates into the surface of the workpiece or glaze the media.  Compound solution systems such as the Dosatron provides an inexpensive  and accurate method of controlling flow rates and concentration into mass finishing equipment such as tub, bowl vibrators and centrifugal discs.  Request our brochure on compound metering systems.

Compound Concentration

The concentration of compound is a measure of the strength and, at times, the usefulness of the solution.  Too little gives poor results and too much is wasteful.  Concentration is expressed in ounces per gallon of water.  In a constant flow or flow-through metering system concentration depends both on the flow rate of the water and on the flow rate of the concentrate.  Normal concentration is normally 1-2 ounces per gallon of water.  Check manufacturers recommended concentrations.

Proper compound selection and processing

The correct compound, flow rate and concentration will produce clean, bright parts consistently.  Parts will only be as clean as the chamber or media.  Minimal white foam will produce clean bright parts.  If the foam becomes gray or discolored check the concentration of the compound as well as the drainage flow.  If the parts are discolored take a pencil erasure and rub on the workpiece.  If the pencil erasure turns black or gray and the workpiece is cleaner or brighter the concentration is not adequate enough to remove or suspend the discoloration.

Please check out our extensive variety of Finishing Compounds that are environmentally safe and biodegradable.

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